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Our Location

Our base of operation is Arlington Municipal Airport in Arlington, WA. Point to Point Air will pick you up at your desired location, whether that is close to your home, office or wherever you may find yourself. Just contact us at 425-530-5518 to discuss the countless options.

Please note: Point to Point Air strives for safety and competitive pricing for your on demand flights. Yet, as aviation costs increase, we monitor operational costs and adjust fares as needed to continue to provide service to your area.

Before Your Flight

To allow sufficient time for loading baggage and explaining your passenger briefing, please check in 15 minutes prior to your departure time.

Please call 425-530-5518 if you will be delayed or need help locating your pilot. Because we have multiple flights booked throughout the day, a late arrival may result in rescheduling your flight. This will be on a stand-by basis. Pilots have the authority to cancel flights due to you missing your departure time or no-show. Your fare will be charged and is not refundable.

Aircraft Capacity

Our Cessna 172 accommodates 3 passengers with a maximum of 40 pounds of baggage per passenger. The baggage area measures 29 X 17 X 25 and must accommodate all travelers baggage.

Our Piper Cherokee 6 accommodates 5 passengers (plus 1 very little person) with a 40 pound baggage allowance per person. The nose and the tail compartments can hold up to 100 pounds of baggage each.

Please contact us at 425-530-5518 if your have any questions or concerns about what you may bring. See additional information regarding baggage and hazardous materials.

Parking and Ground Transportation

Point to Point Air is happy to assist you with information regarding airport parking and ground transportation. Please feel free to contact us at 425-530-5518 prior to your departure to allow for a smooth start to your trip.


We accept the following credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.


Give us at least 24 hours notice of your cancellation and there will be no charge. Cancellations made less than 24 hours prior to your departure time will be subject to the full fare charge.

Late arrivals to your Point to Point Air departure may result in rescheduling your flight, whenever possible. Flights that are canceled due to your late arrival or no-show will be subject to the full fare charge. Cancellations due to weather, mechanical issues, pilot shortage or other operational technicalities are not subject to any charge. Flight time changes on the day of your flight due to weather or late commercial flights are not considered cancellations and will be accommodated as the schedule allows.

As of 1/1/2020, please be aware that the following fees will apply for changes:

Flight times and/or date changes will incur a $10 fee per seat.

For changes needed less than 48 hours prior to your scheduled Charter departure, a $25 fee applies. Cancellation fee of 100% applies if less than 48 notice given.

Parking and Ground Transportation

Point to Point Air is happy to assist you with information regarding airport parking and ground transportation at your final destination.

Weather and Flight Considerations

Your flight may be delayed or canceled due to inclement weather or mechanical issues. We will do our best to inform you of weather cancellations or delays as soon as possible so that you may consider your travel options.

We fly in a dynamic weather environment with multiple variables contributing to the ever changing flight conditions. Your safety and the safety of our crew is paramount. To that end, each flight is conducted with strict adherence to weather regulations and regulatory policy. Our pilot has absolute and final authority over the flights departure.

Neither Point to Point Air, LLC, nor its representatives assume any responsibility for any loss or liability resulting from cancellations due to weather, mechanical issues or regulatory constraints, scheduling conflicts or any other circumstance.

Intermediate Stops

In order to keep fares low and airplanes available, occasionally there will be stops between your origin and destination to accommodate additional passengers. When booking, we take note of your critical appointments and flight connections. We work hard to get you where you need to be on time. Charter reservations allow you exclusive use of our aircraft, preventing unnecessary stops along your route.


In accordance with FAA Regulations, children under 2 years of age may sit on the lap of a parent with no charge. You will be asked to provide proof of age. Children over 2 years of age will be charged a full seat fare which also allows for up to 40 pounds of baggage. We do not offer any discounted seat fares for minors. We can accommodate some smaller infant car seats in our baggage area, as part of the parents baggage allowance. Larger car seats that do not fit safely on our aircraft seats will be accommodated as baggage whenever possible, and subject to our baggage policy.

Weight and Balance

We fly weight limited aircraft and for flight safety, it is vital that we have accurate passenger and baggage weights. While we do not share this information, you will be asked your weight at the time of booking and may be asked to weigh-in before boarding. Passengers in excess of 275 pounds may be subject to additional fees and may be adjusted to another flight if needed for the safety of maintaining the weight and balance of our aircraft.


Dogs and cats are welcome on Point to Point Air, LLC, provided they are safe and calm. Pets traveling with passengers must be disclosed at the time of booking your flight. If your pet is 10 pounds or less and able to be carried on your lap, there is no charge. All others will incur a $30 fee per flight. Dogs must be on a leash and cats are always required to be in a carrier. Our Pilots have the authority to refuse boarding animals if the safety of the flight is a concern. Your Service Dog is free of charge if certification is provided when booking your flight.

If you have pet allergies, please inform our Customer Service Representative when booking your flight.


Point to Point Air allows each paying passenger up to 40 pounds of baggage per flight at no charge. Baggage in excess of 40 pounds per passenger is subject to additional fees and is on a space available basis. Our baggage areas are limited and must accommodate all travelers baggage. Please inform our Customer Service Representative at the time of booking if you know your baggage will be overweight or odd shaped.

Children under the age of 2, flying free of charge, are not included in the free luggage allowance.

No single item may weigh over 50 pounds. No single item may exceed the dimensions of 29 X 17 X 25. No hazardous or illegal materials are allowed on Point to Point Air flights. The Pilot may refuse to load any baggage for any reason, including, but not limited to concerns regarding safety, hazardous materials, and/or weight and balance. Please contact us at 425-530-5518 if you have any questions or concerns about what you may bring.

Disablities and Accomodations

Point to Point Air, LLC, does not discriminate of the basis of disability. We strive to offer our services to everyone but safety is always our chief priority. There are regulations and inherent challenges associated with enplaning and deplaning our aircraft, requiring passengers to be physically able to do so with minimal assistance. However, we try to accommodate all guests within reason. While we are exempt from accessibility requirements, if you have a disability which requires assistance, please let us know. We will do our best to accommodate you and in the event we are unable, we will contact you with an explanation. Your service dog is free of charge if certification is provided when booking your flight.

Unfit Passengers

At the discretion of a Point to Point Air Representative or our Pilot, impaired passengers may be denied boarding. This includes passengers who are, or appear to be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, are determined unable to perform in-flight emergency procedures such as opening the door and exiting the aircraft, and/or those who exhibit behavior deemed alarming or a threat to the safety of the flight.

Note: Marijuana, although legal in Washington State, is Federally illegal. Point to Point Air, LLC, is subject to Federal regulations and thus it is not permitted on our flights.


Point to Point Air, LLC, assumes no liability for overweight baggage that is left behind at any location from which your flight originates. Luggage is stored at the passengers own risk. Although not guaranteed, Point to Point Air will make every attempt to deliver your baggage at a later time.

Point to Point Air, LLC, assumes no liability for items that are damaged during flight. Pilots should be notified of your fragile items. Also, please be aware that items may shift in flight.


Not cleared for takeoff

We do not use our aircraft to transport refuse or recycling. If you have any questions, we prefer a call prior to you boarding your flight, as items may be denied on board. Our pilots have authority to refuse baggage for any reason.


Fireworks, Ammunition, Black Powder, Firecrackers, Poppers, Sparklers, Flares, etc. Unloaded firearms and some small arms ammunition may be in checked baggage when properly packaged and declared.


Compressed, Flammable, or Toxic Gases; including Oxygen, Butane, Propane, Refrigerant Gases for cars, and Pressurized SCUBA Tanks.

Flammable Liquids

Fuel, Lighter Fluid, Solvents, & Some Paints & Adhesives. Any equipment ever contained fuel (e.g., camping stoves, chainsaws) must be completely purged of fuel and vapors

Poisons & Corrosives

Poisons (toxics) & Infectious Substances; including some Pesticides / Herbicides; Specimens known to be infectious / pathogenic. Corrosives and Oxidizers; including Drain Cleaners, Paint Strippers, Pool Chemicals, Strong Bleaches, Car Batteries, and Wet Batteries.

Radioactive Materials

Radioisotopes, Equipment, and Contaminated Materials. Radioactive Medicines Injected / Ingested / Implanted in passengers are allowed.